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Above, is an abreviated sample tax bill designed to help you understand how your taxes are calculated. Definitions are referenced on the right hand side of this page and the calculation scenario is listed as follows:

(Please note, this is only a sample. Specific questions regarding the calculation of your taxes should be directed to the County Auditor's office at 330.424.9515)​​


(Ref. #10) Your home is valued at $126,500

(Ref. #11) ​ You only pay on 35% of the appraised value (126,500 X 35% = $44,280)

(Ref. #15) The taxing district where the home is located has a full rate of 54.35 mills

(Ref. #16) The reduction factor set by the State of Ohio for this taxing district is 0.233808

(Ref. #17) Applying the reduction factor times the full rate gives the effective tax rate of 41.642519


(A) Using the Assessed Rate of $44,280 x the full tax rate of 54.35 = 2,406.62 Gross Yearly Tax Rate

(B) The Gross Yearly Tax Rate of 2,406.62 x's the Reduction Factor of 0.233808 = 562.68

(Not Shown on the Bill) Deducting the Tax Reduction from the Gross Full Year Tax (2,406.62 minus ​562.68) gives a subtotal of 1,843.94

(C) The State then provids a 10% rollback (1,843.94 x's 10% = $184.40)

(D) The State provides an additional 2.5% rollback for qualified homeownerson the first acre plus ​homesite (attached garage not included) upon completion of an application form filed with the ​County Auditor (1,843.94 x's 2.5% = 46.10, less adjustment for attached garage = $45.64)

(E) The Homestead Exemption allows senior citizens and permanently and totally disabled Ohioans to​ reduce their property tax burden by shielding some of the market value of their home from ​taxation. The exemption, which takes the form of a credit on property tax bills, allows qualifying ​homeowners to exempt $25,000 of the market value of their home from all local property taxes.​ The exemption is based upon the value of the home only.

The Homested Value for this property is 8,750, divided by 1,000 = 8.75. Taking the 8.75 x's the ​effective rate at 41.642519 = 364.37. This number is multiplied 364.37 x's 0.875 = 318.82 to arrive ​at the homestead reduction value.​

(F) Taking the Gross Full Year Tax, less the reductions as described and adding any special ​assessments, delinquencies or other adjustments provides the Net Full Year Tax (2406.62-562.68-​184.40-45.64-318.82 = $1,295.08)

(G) The Net Full Year Tax is divided by 2 to arrive at the New Half Year Tax (1,295.08/2= $647.54)
(H) The second column shows taxpayers how their tax dollars will be distributed.

(I) ​​ ​It is important to note that Columbiana County government is unique in that it does not receive ​money from real estate tax, except for a .2/mill required to be collected for debt retirement.

A number of years ago, the Commissioners elected to waive the collection of the county's 2 mill ​real estate tax, in lieu of only collecting sales tax revenue. This action has saved taxpayers money on their real estate bill but places reliance that the voters, in good faith, will continue to support  ​sales tax renewals at the ballot box.

REPRINT FEE: $1.00/per bill



​​1. MAILING NAME: Where​ the tax bill is mailed.

2. PARCEL NUMBER: ​Identification number ​assigned to your property.​​

3. DUE DATE: Your taxes must be paid by this date to avoid a penalty.

4. ​​​​AMOUNT DUE HALF YEAR: Pay this amount if you want to pay only 1/2 of your taxes (that is all that  is due for the first half) We will bill you for the second half, which is usually due in August.

5. AMOUNT DUE FULL YEAR: Pay this amount if you want to pay the year of your taxes.​​​​​​​​​​​​

6. PARCEL LOCATION: The property address.

7. TAXING DISTRICT: An identifying number which aides in accurate ​distribution of revenue to ​the​​​​ governments​ (township, city, school,
​ etc.) where your property​ is located.

8. OWNER NAME: The legal ​owner of record​​.

9. LEGAL DESCRIPTION: Identifying information​ from your deed.​​​

10. APPRAISED VALUE: The value placed on a ​parcel of property by the​ Auditor's Appraisal Office​ for taxation.

11. TAXABLE VALUE: ​​​​​35% of ​the Appraised Value. The​ assessed value is ​multiplied by the Effective​ Tax Rate to determine​ your taxes.

12. SPECIAL ASSESSMENTS: Amounts certified for charges such as lighting, water/sewer service fees

13. HOMESTEAD ​REDUCTION VALUE:​​​​​​​ A ​reduction value assigned​ to qualified property​ owners. (Click on the Real ​Estate Sub Tab "Tax ​Credits" for more​ information).

14. CAUV VALUE: ​​Value in​ agriculture, rather than ​full market value.

15. FULL TAX RATE: Total millage before any deductions.

16. REDUCTION FACTOR: Calculated by the Ohio ​Department of Taxation to​ lessen the impact of​ inflation.​​​​​​​

17. EFFECTIVE TAX RATE: Full Tax Rate adjusted by the Reduction Factor.

18. ACRES: Measurement of ​the property in acreage.​​​​​​

19. CLASS: Real estate is​ divided into two classes, ​Class I Residential and ​Agricultural and Class II, Other​​

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